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                  5)國家自然科學基金青年項目, 極端波浪條件下跨海橋梁周圍水動力特性及多尺度模擬方法研究, 立項編號:51809021, 2019/01-2021/12, 在研, 主持.

                  4國家自然科學基金重點項目, 基于數據挖掘的南海島礁演變機制及多尺度模擬預測技術研究, 立項編號:51839002, 2019/01-2023/12, 在研, 參加.

                  3)美國國家自然科學基金項目, Prediction of Hydrodynamic Vulnerability of Coastal Bridges to  Extreme Storm Surges, 立項編號:CMMI-1334551,2013/07-2018/08, 已結題, 參加.

                  2)美國聯合技術研究中心/美國交通運輸部項目, Prediction system to estimate evacuation time due to coastal  flooding under climate change conditions,立項編號:49111-26-22 2011.9-2013.7,  已結題, 參加.

                  1)美國新澤西州運輸部項目, Evaluation of potential tidal energy and power generation  sites along New Jersey coast using computer modeling and field measurement, 立項編號:49111-21-21, 2010.5-2012.12, 已結題, 參加.


                  Chapter: H. S.  Tang, K. Qu, X.G. Wu, and Z.K. Zhang, Domain decomposition for a  hybrid fully 3D fluid dynamics and geophysical fluid dynamics modeling  system: A numerical experiment on a transient sill flow. Domain  Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering XXII, Lecture  Notes in Computational Science and Engineering, 407-414. Springer,  2016.




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                  3E.J.  Zhao, L. Mou, K. Qu*, B. Shi, X.Y. Ren, C.B. Jiang. Numerical  investigation of pollution transport and environmental improvement measures  in a tidal bay based on a Lagrangian particle-tracking model. Water  Science and Engineering, 1(2018):23-38. (EI)

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                  6Z.Y.  Wu, C.B. Jiang*, B. Deng, J. Chen, Y.N.  Long, K. Qu, X.J. Liu. Numerical investigation of  Typhoon Kai-tak (1213) using a mesoscale coupled WRF-ROMS model. Ocean  Engineering 175(2019), 1-15. (SCI)

                  5H.  S. Tang*, K. Qu, G.Q. Chen, S. Kraatz, N. Aboobaker, and C.B. Jiang. Potential sites for tidal power  generation: A thorough search at coast of New Jersey, USA. Renewable  and Sustainable Energy Reviews 39(2014), 412-425. (SCI)

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                  2H.S.  Tang*, S.I-Jy Chien, M. Temimi, C.A. Blain, K. Qu, L.H. Zhao, S.  Kraatz. Vulnerability of population and transportation infrastructure at east  bank of Delaware Bay due to coastal flooding in sea-level rise conditions. Natural  Hazards, (2013) DOI 10.1007/s11069-013-0691-1. (SCI)

                  1H.S.  Tang*, S. Kraatz, X.G. Wu, W. L. Cheng, K. Qu, and J. Polly. Coupling  of shallow water and circulation models for prediction of multiphysics  coastal flows: Method, implementation, and experiment. Ocean  Engineering, 62(2013), 56-67. (SCI)




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                  1屈科,張正科*,高超,牛嵩.用數值模擬方法確定跨音速風洞幾何參數. 科學技術與工程, 28(2011):  6915-6921.




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                  4)周偉,張正科*,屈科,翟琪.開縫空腔抑制翼型跨聲速抖振的數值模擬. 航空學報, 2(2016):451-460.  (EI)

                  3)周偉,張正科*,屈科,高超.後緣射流對跨音速翼型激波振蕩影響的數值模擬. 彈箭與制導學報, 1(2013): 135-137.  

                  2)成婷婷,張正科*, 屈科.用轉捩模型預測轉捩及確定最佳粗糙帶高度. 航空計算技術, 5(2012): 75-79.

                  1)周偉,張正科*,屈科,高超.翼型阻力計算方法的數值模擬研究. 科學技術與工程, 33(2011):  8229-8237.




                  (1) 2018年入選湖南省百人計劃青年項目




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